Mission Statement

It is important for us to work together with all school partners on a feel-good climate in an open atmosphere, to practice respect and tolerance together and to work for peaceful cooperation and support.

This learning environment is designed to encourage creativity, personal responsibility, teamwork and a willingness to learn throughout one's life.

Topic-related, interdisciplinary projects in various social forms are just as much a fixed part of our pedagogical work as extracurricular learning.

Why the artistic-creative NMS Staudingergasse?

Among other things, we use the artistic and creative areas to prepare our students for their professional lives. Skills in craftsmanship are trained as well as a self-confident appearance.

Creativity, self-responsibility, the ability to work in a team, initiative and cultural expression are becoming increasingly important in the world of work - in Staudingergasse we therefore increasingly focus on interdisciplinary work in projects and on cultural mediation on site (in museums and exhibitions) - where we can work on these key competences.

Social Learning

Here, we focus to work on peaceful coexistence, on class community and on a healthy self-assessment.

Self-organisation is taught and learning strategies are developed.



Intensive support for pupils without sufficient knowledge of the German language

- Native language teaching in Turkish

- Increased use of team teaching (two teachers in class)

- intensive reading courses

- Support courses in German, mathematics and English

- Cooperation with the BORG Karajangasse to support talented pupils

- Inner differentiation in the sense of the Neue Mittelschule


In 3 integration classes, teachers from the Neue Mittelschule and teachers from the Allgemeine Sonderschule work closely together.

Children with deficits are promoted here and challenged within the scope of their possibilities.